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Water Conservation Tips For The Holidays

Are you hosting family & friends this holiday season? Check out these tips to conserve water, as you entertain during the most wonderful time of the year..

  • Purchase recycled paper products. 100% recycled paper products require less water in manufacturing than normal paper products.
  • Cooking food in as little water as possible is a key to conserving water. This also helps to preserve the nutrients in your food.
  • During the hand washing process, turn the water off as you lather your hands.
  • The most water efficient way to defrost food is via the refrigerator. Plan out your meals so you don’t have to use water to thaw your food.
  • Leftover melted ice from holiday parties or gatherings can be used to water your indoor plants.
  • Instead of using running water to clean vegetables, rinse them in a pan of clean water.
  • Running a full dishwasher conserves water over hand washing your dishes. If deciding to hand wash, wash your dishes in a partially filled sink and rinse using the tap’s spray attachment.