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Learning About Water Filtration Systems

Today we talk about different water filter systems! Read below to see the different options and find what best suits you.




Whole House Water Filters – 

A whole house water filter connects to the main water supply line within the house and filters all water throughout, including faucets, showers, washing machines and dishwashers.

Reverse Osmosis Systems-

Filters water through a very fine, semipermeable membrane to remove contaminants. Provides bottled water-level water quality. A popular filtration technique used in water purifiers.

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Water Filtration System

Choosing a water filter for drinking, cooking, bathing and washing is easy with so many available options, but you can make the job easier with a little bit of planning and research. Narrow down your search for a water filter system by asking yourself a few basic questions:

  • Do you want to treat all of the water coming into your home, or just your drinking water?
  • What kind of contaminants are you most concerned about?
  • How many people live in your household?

Water Filter Contaminants 

  • Bacteria: Not all types of bacteria are harmful, but pathogenic bacteria can make you sick. Harmful bacteria can enter your water supply from runoff, a fractured well casing or broken lines.
  • Chlorine: Chlorine is often used in municipal water treatment to disinfect the supply. Leftover chlorine compounds coming from your tap may have an unpleasant taste or smell and can cause dry, itchy skin.
  • Copper: Copper is an essential element found in rock, soil and water. Corrosion of copper pipes in your home can boost the concentration of this element in your water. Drinking water that contains high levels of copper can cause gastrointestinal issues.
  • Fluoride: Fluoride is added to most public water supplies to reduce tooth decay throughout the community. But too much exposure to the natural mineral at a young age might increase risk of a cosmetic condition that causes dark streaks or spots on teeth.
  • Iron: High levels of naturally occurring iron in your water produces a metallic taste and smell. It can stain your toilet, sink, bathtub and even the dishes and clothing you wash in the water.
  • Lead: Lead usually gets into a water supply by leaching from lead service lines or other parts of the plumbing system, such as the lead solder for joining copper pipes or even brass- and chrome-plated faucets. Young children and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to adverse health effects from lead.

While there are plenty of home water filters and filtration systems to choose from, the good news is that most don’t require a major renovation or a huge investment, as they generally won’t affect your flow rate. For example, most homeowners can install a shower head filter within a matter of minutes. More complex water filter systems, like whole-home options, might require the expertise of a professional.


(Blog Content Via HomeDepot)

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