Sprinkler System Tips For Homeowners

August 12, 2020 2:11 pm Published by

Sprinkler System

Make sure when dealing with your home sprinkler system, that you know how to properly execute the system efficiently. Most homeowners will only increase water pressure during the dry conditions, but they won’t decrease the water pressure when moist conditions are in tact. You are risking overwatering.

When using your sprinkler system make sure and observe your lawn. Often times you’re sprinkler system will spray across driveways and sidewalk areas. This wastes water & you need to adjust your sprinkler head.

While water timers can be helpful, it also can lead to water being wasted. A water based irrigation controller will allow your timer to adapt based on weather data. If it’s rained previously that day or for a few days prior, your sprinkler may pause and adjust it’s timing. It’s a great investment to help keep your yard in the best condition.

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