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Water Conservation Tips For The New Year

Water Conservation Tips

Create new water saving habits as we roll into 2020!

COVER YOUR POOL – Backyard swimming pools, especially in Texas, can lose hundreds of gallons of water due to evaporation every month. Covering your pool, leads to reduced evaporation, and you could help save thousands of gallons of water in 2020.

A NEW WAY TO WASH FRUITS & VEGETABLES – Fill a bowl with just enough water to soak your vegetables and fruits. A produce brush can be used for the ones with tough skin. Dunk them in a second bowl of water to rinse them. Use the excess water to water your garden or add to flush the toilet.

LIMIT BATHS – While we know limiting bathing is not an option for most, you can limit baths. We all love a tub full of hot water to soak the stress away, but each bath can use more than 50 gallons of water. Showering is a much better option when it comes to saving water.

SHORTEN YOUR SHOWER – This is an easy one, but It doesn’t mean we want to do it. While your hygiene routines may not change, reducing the amount of time you spend just laying under the hot water doing absolutely nothing, can lead to saving gallons and gallons of water per shower.

USE YOUR DISHWASHER – A full load of dishes can save more than 10 gallons of water opposed to to washing them by end. Large pots and pans are better to wash by hand so you can fit more items (of smaller size) into the dishwasher for each load. Just make sure you don’t leave the water running while you’re washing that individual pot or pan.

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