Why You Should Never Pour Grease Down the Drain

Don't Pour Grease down the Drain

Nothing is better than a big breakfast on a weekend morning! Eggs & bacon served up for the family! But now you have excess grease from your meal. While you may think to just dump it down the sink & it’ll just disappear like water does, that is not the case! When pouring grease down […]

A Drain Cleaning In The Summer

Why it’s important to get your drain cleaned every summer! Clean and smooth plumbing determines how well your bathroom works. If you don’t have flowing water, you’re not going to have the “experience” you crave. Your sink, shower, & toilet benefit from flowing water but just as important, a clean drain. You rarely recognize your […]

A List Of Plumbing Emergency Tips

Always find the main water shut-off valve location in case of a leak. Learn how to turn off the water heater. If you have a gas water heater, turn the switch to the pilot position. Isolation valves located at each fixture will stop the flow of water to that location. This allows water to continue […]

Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

Plumbing Tips

Plumbing Tips to try before you call a plumber near you Setting your water to heater to a temperature of 115°F allows for plenty of hot water for most users. Pouring half a box of baking soda and ½ a cup of vinegar down a the drain, then wait 30-45 minutes and pour boiling water […]

Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Needs To Know

KNOW THE LOCATION SHUT OFF VALVES It is important that you identify the location of the main shut-off valve and drain in your home. For houses, this can be located outside of the house. (Apartments & condos often don’t have their own dedicated shut-off valves). It is also helpful to identify sewer line access points, […]

Garbage Disposal Humming

Garbage Disposal Replacement

Garbage Disposal Humming For a bustling restaurant with a busy kitchen, or even a simple home kitchen where a big family meal is being prepared, nothing can bring things to a grinding halt quite like a faulty garbage disposal. Although one of the most frequently used appliances in the kitchen, the garbage disposal is also […]