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Natural Ingredients To Unclog A Shower Drain

Often times you can have success with home plumbing issues with the ingredients you have around your home! We’ve all had those annoying shower drains & are looking for a quick fix.

If you believe the clog you have is caused by hair or other organic matter, one of the best fixes is to grab some vinegar and baking soda, and heat a pot of water.



  • Pour about a cup of baking soda down the drain.
  • Next, pour an equal amount of vinegar.
  • Let the solution bubble and foam for a few minutes, and then follow with the kettle full of hot (but not boiling) water.
  • Let the mixture sit for a couple of hours. If the drain still isn’t flowing freely, repeat the process.
  • If you don’t have any vinegar, you can also try equal amounts of salt and baking soda, followed by hot (but not boiling) water.

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