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Not A Fan Of Tankless Water Heaters? Here’s To PROS To A Regular Water Heater

Not A Fan Of Tankless Water Heaters? Here’s To PROS To A Standard Water Heater

Some of the benefits of storage tank water heaters

  • Lower installation cost: While tankless systems will return your investment of an expensive install with it’s efficiency. Your immediate budget plans may make a standard water heater a better option. Tankless Are Often 3 Times More Expensive To Install.
  • No natural gas line changes: Storage-tank water heater can simply hook up to the current gas supply with no alterations. Tankless May Require Updated Gas Lines Which Complicates Installation
  • No circuitry changes: Standard Tank Water Heaters will work with your current electric power load. Tankless systems may require installation of a new circuit to handle the amount of power they need.
  • They don’t need a high flow rate: Standard Tank Water Heaters don’t have a minimum flow rate (how much water you need to be heated at one time). 
  • Immediate hot water: Because storage water heaters have a supply of heated water standing by for use, you won’t have to wait long for the water to reach the taps. With tankless water heaters, there can be significant lag time, which is both inconvenient and wasteful of water.
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